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19. Muslim. Born in Rome, living in London.




holy SHIT

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Eid Mubarak y’all! May Allah accept it from you and us.

Dying light II

you just need to practice believe me, if i did it, everybody can :P

I haven’t even started lessons. Lord help me :|

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The way Israel is obsessed with killing and torturing Palestinian children really reminds me of the miraculous birth of Moses himself.

Was it not Pharaoh who was so threatened by a future generation he slaughtered every baby born born at the dawn of every year?

Or do we all conveniently forget that lesson and historical tale?

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I think I’d be a bad driver. I’ve never had “real” driving lessons (my uncle once attempted to teach me in a parking lot in Rome one summer, then again he’s the craziest driver I’ve ever seen so he doesn’t count) and I just don’t get car jargon.

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you ignorant fool

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